About Cell Sweeper®

Cell Sweeper® is a fixed type solar panel automatic cleaning robot.

Cell Sweeper® can be installed on the existing and new solar panels. It removes dirt, soil, volcanic ash, yellow sand, fallen leaves and bird’s droppings, etc. that have accumulated on the panel with the various, purpose-specific brushes, cleaning water and wipers. Cell Sweeper® stabilizes the power generation efficiency of the solar panels even under the harshest environment.

Cell Sweeper® uses lightweight carbon material and places the linear motor outside the main body, which moves the solar panel up/down and left/right along the vertical and horizontal rails, so that the main body is kept lightweight and without electric wiring.

Because the main body is lightweight (approx. 7 Kg.) and no wiring is necessary, it’s installation is easy and the unit can withstand harsh weather conditions and long operational life.

Cell Sweeper® can be used even in the residential area during night, since the linear motor and specially designed resin slide bearings keep the cleaning operation quiet.

Cell Sweeper® 3D graphic video

Key Features

Cell Sweeper® 写真


Two vertical carbon shafts are employed in combination with the linear motor, to achieve lightweight and quiet operation.

Select brush option

6 purpose-specific brushes are provided as options, depending of the types of the dist.
It is recommended to use snow removal brush in some areas during the winter season.

Automatic Sprinkling of Water

Cleaning water is required to remove some dirt. The main body contains a 4 Litre water tank and sprinkles the water automatically.

Panel Wiper

A set of wiper is equipped, to wipe the panel surface after cleaning by the brush and water.

Technology Combined

Cell Sweeper® can be installed on the solar racks with up to 50m in width (typical for mega solar farms) with the wireless remote control system. Its solid rails withstand the expansion/shrinking and warping of the solar panel and racks due to heat/cold and keep the operation smooth.


1Free of Charge Repair During the Warranty Period

The repair of Cell Sweeper® and replacement of the parts are free of charge during the warranty period (Note1). We also provide On Site Repair Service, which includes collection, repair/replacement of the parts to delivery (Note 2). However, there may be cases our travel expenses will be charged, depending on how the defect/malfunction has happened.

(Note 1) There may be cases the repair fee will be charged, during the warranty period, depending on how the defect/malfunctioning has happened. Please read the warranty document.
(Note 2) We’ll repair the product or replace the parts on site.

2We’ll Always Provide You with a Bakcup Machine. (Note 3)

In case of a defect or malfunctioning of Cell Sweeper®, we’ll offer you a backup machine free of charge, while Cell Sweeper® is being repaired, so as not to interrupt your usage of the product.

(Note 3) There may be cases it’ll be charged, depending on how the defect/malfunction has happened.

3Customized Maintenance & Support for Services (Recommended)

We’ll propose the best maintenance & support plan for Cell Sweeper®, depending on the needs of our customers. It’s recommended for the customers who’ll use Cell Sweeper® in volume, because maintenance and support fee is fixed and there’ll be no surprises to the customers.

4Periodical Inspection and Maintenance

We recommend our customers to change the brushes and wipers every other year, and the battery every three years at cost. We’ll also replace the brushes depending on the season, at cost.

Cell Sweeper® is being watched by many corporates and media.

Cell Sweeper® was featured first by TV Tokyo’s “World Business Satellite” in November, 2012. It was then featured by Kyoto TV’s “Moraeru Dot TV” and the Nikkei Sangyo Shinbun, etc, making it very popular among the industry watchers.

Video of TV Tokyo’s “World Business Satellite”.

Cell Sweeper® has attracted lots of attentions at various industry expos.

We exhibited Cell Sweeper® at “Osaki Industry Fair 2013”, “International Frontier Industry Messe 2013” and “Intersolar North America 2013” in San Francisco.