We protect our customers’ privacy information properly and treat it as the material information in the operation of our business. We shall observe the laws and other rules regulating the protection of privacy information, and we shall manage our customers’ privacy information with utmost care, as follows:

1The Definitions of Privacy Information

1Privacy Information

Privacy information means the information we handle, from which the customer’s identity can be recognized, including the customer’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, the content of the customer’s inquiry, etc. Privacy information means one or more of these information, from which the customer can be identified.

2 Privacy Data

Privacy data means our customer’s privacy information that has been made into a database by us, so that the database of the individual can be searched by PC, or easily searched by adding index or table of content to it.

3Privacy Data We Compiled

Privacy Data We Compiled means our customers’ privacy information we’ve made into a database, which data we have the right to correct and disclose to third party. However, it shouldn’t include the customer’s privacy information we’ve been keeping for less than 6 month, and the information specified in the law.

2Collection of Privacy Information

We collect privacy information by the lawful and fair means.

3Use of Privacy Information

  1. Prior to receiving privacy information form our customers, we shall clearly explain the purpose of its usage to them, unless provided by the applicable law.
  2. We shall use our customers’ privacy information only within the scope of the defined usage of them and only as necessary for the operation of our business, unless provided by the applicable law.
  3. There are cases that we shall share our customers’ privacy information with a third party, or consign the handling of it to a third party, which are necessary for the operation of our business. In those cases, we shall exercise a reasonable management of the proper handling of the privacy information by the third party.

4Provision of Privacy Information to Third Party

  1. We shall not disclose our customers’ privacy information to any third party, without getting prior approval of the customer, unless required by the law or specified in the item (2) below.
  2. There may cases we’re obliged to disclose our customers’ privacy data to a third party for the operation of our business, without getting their prior approval. In such cases, we shall stop the disclosure if requested by the customer.

5The Safety Management of the Privacy Data We Compiled

We shall exercise the following efforts to manage the privacy data we compiled.

  1. We shall enforce reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized access and attack of computer viruses to the privacy database we keep, so as to protect the privacy data from loss, damage, destruction, tampering and leakage.
  2. We shall enforce the proper management of privacy information, by establishing “Information Security Committee” in our company and also by assigning “Information Administrator” at each section that handles privacy information.

6Disclosure, Correction and Stopping of the Use of Privacy Data We Complied

We recognize that our customers have the right to disclose, correct or stop the use of their privacy data we compiled, and when we are asked by the customer to that effect, we shall comply immediately, in compliance with the law.

7Establishment and Execution of the Rules on the Protection of Privacy Information

We have established our internal rules to protect our customers’ privacy information, and we shall disseminate the rules to our employees and other interested parties and execute it. We shall also maintain the rules and make necessary revisions continuously.

8Adoption and Revision of This Policy

We adopted this policy on the day we uploaded it to our web site. This policy may be revised by us without prior notice, when required by the law or other official requirements, or when we recognize that it is necessary.

9Inquiry Counter

Please contact us at the following by phone or fax, for the inquiry on our handling of your privacy information.

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