About WalkerZ®

WalkerZ® is a transportable type solar panel cleaning robot. It can be easily mounted on the solar panel array and operated by 2 workers (1 operator and 1 assistant) and removes dirt, soil, sand, volcanic ash, yellow sand, fallen leaves and bird's droppings, etc. that have accumulated on the solar panels with the rotating brushes, cleaning water and wiper.

The conventional methods of solar panel cleaning were manual labor with mop and hose water that required the work in high places sometimes, or high-pressure hose water. They were inefficient, time consuming and expensive services. WalkerZ® can clean the area of 430㎡ (approx. 360 1.2㎡ panels) in an hour, 7 times faster than the skilled 2-man manual cleaning team.

WalkerZ® has employed anodized aluminum materials to achieve right weight and durability. It can be operated by the wireless remote control.

Demo video (WalkerZ® prototype)

Demo video (WalkerZ® final product)

Key Features


Fast and Thorough Cleaning!

2-man team (operator and assistant) can clean 3,000㎡ (approx. 2,500 panels) thoroughly in a day, meaning that 1MW solar farm can be cleaned in just 1.5 days, by a WalkerZ® team.

Transportable Design

WalkerZ® is lightweight and it can be taken down that its transport from one panel array to the next is fast and easy. It can be used with most panel arrays, thanks to its self-propelled rail.

Automatic Sprinkling of Water

Cleaning water is required to remove some dirt. Just connect a water hose to WalkerZ® , and it sprinkles the water on the panel.

Select Brush Options

6 purpose-specific brushes are provided. They should be used depending on the type of the dust.
It's recommended to use snow removal brush in some areas during the winter season.

Technology Combined

WalkerZ® can be operated by wireless control, and the rails can be extended that it can be used even on mega solar farms. Its solid rails and the driving mechanism assure smooth operation even if the panel rack were warped or there're small projections on its frame.

Solar Panel Cleaning Business with WalkerZ®(Demo Video)

The demonstration of WalkerZ® was made at Kita Koriyama Country Club in Motomiya-Shi, Fukushima Pref. in May 2014, and the scene was broadcasted by TeleView Fukushima.

TUF Nes Live "Switch!" video

WalkerZ® has attracted lots of attentions at PV Expo 2014.

We exhibited WalkerZ® at PV Expo 2014 held at Tokyo Big Site in February 2014.

PV EXPO 2014